Guns N’ Roses Nominated For Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame

Posted by on September 27, 2011

In their first year of eligibility, Guns N’ Roses have been nominated for induction into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. In other words, they’re among 15 finalist eligible for the voting ballot to be inducted with the Class of 2012. Also appearing on the ballot this year are Red Hot Chili Peppers, Joan Jett, The Cure, Beastie Boys, and a few others.

While only the five eligible with the greatest amount of votes will get inducted, it’s pretty much a guaranteed thing that GN’R will get in. Unfortunately, though, it won’t just be because of their legacy. Rolling Stone publisher Jann Wenner and writer Dave Marsh (highly influential members of the voting committee) know damn well the press the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame would receive if they could convince the classic GN’R lineup to perform at the ceremony. It would be the reunion that no one thought could ever happen.

However, there’s also the sad potential that things could end up like the Van Halen induction (where only Sammy Hagar and Michael Anthony appeared at the ceremony, which Jimmy Kimmel referred to as “like having a Pac Man reunion where only Inky and the cherry show up”). That’s a fear that even Duff McKagan has expressed before. Making the situation even stickier is that Axl Rose is about to embark on a U.S. tour with his new GN’R lineup. Will the Hall Of Fame let the new Guns perform the ceremony? Would Axl even show up to the ceremony, thus leaving the Hall Of Fame with a performance by Slash, Duff, Izzy (maybe), and whoever else wants to join them onstage for karaoke? Or could the Hall Of Fame do the impossible and actually get Axl and Slash to appear on the same stage?

Well that’s the speculation and gossip they want to occur leading up to the ceremony on April 14, 2012 (being held in Cleveland, OH this time). We won’t find out for sure which five bands will have made it into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame’s 2012 class until January. GN’R rightfully deserve to be inducted, as Appetite For Destruction is still one of the most influential rock albums of the past two decades. Now if only bands like KISS, Rush, Cheap Trick, and Deep Purple could get some love from the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame.

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