One of the joys of owning vinyl is the ritual that goes with playing it. Opening the record, taking it out, reading the liner notes, putting it on a turntable and dropping the needle. The vinyl hiss caused by the needle hitting the groove of the record is another part of the ritual some might be nostalgic for in a time when most music consumption is done via streaming. And that’s where Vinylfied comes in. A new website that approximates the vinyl hiss of an LP allows you to add it to your music through Spotify, Pandora or Soundcloud, or just leave the website open while you listen to music in a different window.

We can think of one reason as to why this might make sense, and that’s nostalgia. If your favorite records growing up were listened to on a record player it’s understandable why you want to bring it far back to the original as possible. Other than that, giving your already-crappy bitrate streaming music an extra layer of degradation before you stream it through computer speakers seems a little unnecessary to us. However, if you’re looking to connect with your past,  never owned a record player but want to pretend you did or want to troll your friends, Vinylfied might be for you. Check it out here.

[via What Hi Fi]