Earlier this week, we were treated to a cryptic announcement from Black Sabbath promising something called The Ten Year War coming in September. Some uber-fans surmised that might be a reissue of a promotional book with the same name from their 1978 Never Say Die album. It turns out that those people were right, but it’s a lot more than that.

Coming at the end of September, and available for pre-order via Pledge MusicThe Ten Year War is a limited edition vinyl box set of all eight of Sabbath’s Ozzy-era albums. More than just that, there’s a metal crucifix that also doubles as a USB stick with the albums, two 7″ singles (Japanese version of “Evil Woman (Don’t Play Your Games With Me)” and Chilean version of “Paranoid”/”The Wizard,” a book, The Ten Year War brochure a tour poster from 1972 and more, all housed in a box designed by (and in some cases signed by) Shepard Fairey.

The box set isn’t cheap (it’s about $247 US), but it’s not bad for what you’re getting. There are four different versions available, all for the same price, and it turns out that two of them are gone already. There are 354 more limited edition versions with an art print from Fairey, and then you’re stuck with the regular old deluxe box set, which is still awesome. Granted, you’re not getting any super rare music, so if you’re picking this up for anything other than to have a definitive collection of the godfathers of heavy metal, then you might want to save your money, but this is a worthy pickup for any big Sabbath fan.