Black Sabbath to release Ozzy-era ’70s albums in box set

Posted by on March 7, 2014

It’s a known fact that the first four Black Sabbath albums are the holy grail of the band. And while their later ’70s output was written in a haze of drugs and alcohol before Ozzy Osbourne was fired in 1979, there’s still some merit on even their bad ’70s albums. That’s why collectors will want to pick up the eight-album vinyl box set, Black Sabbath, The Complete Albums, 1970-1978. While many old-school (and by that, we mean old) fans probably own their albums on vinyl, this is an opportunity for them to replace the worn-out grooves on their 40-year old vinyl. And since sales of vinyl keep picking up, it makes sense that Sabbath re-release their early work, especially now that Ozzy’s returned to the fold. Not to mention, that gigantic Black Sabbath slipcase is nothing if not a conversation piece, even if the seal is never broken on Technical Ecstasy and Never Say Die. 

Black Sabbath, The Complete Albums, 1970-1978 will be released on April 15th, and can be pre-ordered (relatively inexpensively) here.

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