You might not want to take a stage selfie at an Every Time I Die show

Posted by on December 8, 2014

Currently, Every Time I Die are on a co-headlining tour with labelmates The Ghost Inside. Some people are trying to commemorate being at the show by taking a photo of it. That’s all good and nice, but if you try to do that onstage, you might find the phone you’re doing it on getting kicked out of your hands while you’re doing it. One unfortunate concertgoer found himself at the receiving end of guitarist Jordan Buckley’s karate skills while attempting to do that after getting onstage at an ETID show at the Castle Theater in Bloomington, IL last week.

We say good move on Jordan’s part.There’s enough debate that’s gone around in the last few years about stage diving and coming up on stage while a band is playing. If you get up on someone else’s stage, you don’t deserve to get thrown off it, but if your phone gets kicked out of your hands because you’re attempting to be a douche, then so be it. Buckley himself commented via Twitter, saying “Stage selfies = look at me look at me I didn’t get enough attention as a kid and can’t handle 5 people here getting more attention than me.” Thankfully, a fan caught it all on video, and we’re better for it.

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