Xasthur has released “Selling Yourself to Die,” the final single from their upcoming album Disharmonic Variations, set for release on July 5th.

Scott Conner comments:

“Giving too much of yourself, or whatever you have, and receiving very little in return. It means not being able to live any kind of life for what you sold yourself for. The title comes from what I’ve seen people do for so little yet they wouldn’t have done it any other way.”

Listen to the track below and pre-order the album here:

Track List:

01) Beginning of a New End
02) Mirrors Made of Misery
03) Haunted by the Living
04) Selling Yourself to Die
05) Who Will Smash the Mirror of Lies
06) Psychedelic Darkness in Reality
07) Messenger of Your Reflection
08) Your Existence Is Not Enough
09) Other Blind Believers
10) As You Point into Guilty Mirrors
11) Fairytale Ideologies
12) Sheep in Wolves Clothing 
13) Counterfeit Pennies