Within The Brewin’: Within The Ruins’ Joe Cocchi opens brewery

Posted by on July 10, 2014

Lots of bands collaborate with breweries on beers, but it is not that often that a band opens up a brewery. Massachusetts metalcore band Within The Ruins is changing the game. Guitarist Joe Cocchi started Tin Bridge Brewing with his brother and a few friends and family, and they are starting to make themselves known to the public.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1XSq3bnXlhY]

Joe says that his thought process on starting a brewery was similar to his thought process of starting a band. He states that he wanted to make beer that was better than what he could find in the store, much like how he formed a band based on wanting to be better than the ones he was seeing at local shows. Tin Bridge’s Facebook page describes them simply as “high gravity craft beers,” so it looks like we can expect some big beers to go with their music. Their Instagram (@tinbridgebrewing) claims the beers will be in stores by 2015, so it’s unlikely that they will be selling beer in their merch booth on the Summer Slaughter Tour.

Joe says that the brewery helps him relax between writing and recording new records. Their new record Phenomena is out later this month on eOne Records, and we’ll be looking forward to seeing how brewing between writing has helped make another awesome record for the band!

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