Watch Andrew W. K. Shock David Blaine

Posted by on October 9, 2012


This past weekend, street magician turned millionaire David Blaine did a stunt in which he was “electrocuted” by one million volts of power for three days. The high point of the event, which took place in Manhattan, was when notorious partier Andrew W. K. played a solo (including “Party Hard”) on a midi keyboard in which the tones came from the spark of the tesla coils hoooked up to Blaine’s body. As Vice’s Noisey says:

There are no speakers, and the tones are produced by the spark of the tesla coils as controlled by Ultrabook computers onsite and worldwide. They’ve also rigged up a midi keyboard upon which AWK hammered producing his classic anthem, “Party Hard,” as well as riffing on “Free Bird,” much to the crowd and Blaine’s delight.

The solo is pretty interesting, even if it really just looks like Blaine hit a mall that had a chain mail shirt and wandered into a Sharper Image. What really kills us is Andrew W. K.’s quote, where he called this “the partyest thing he’s ever done.” What the hell does that even mean? If you want to watch some disinterested people getting rained on, watch the whole video, but “Party Hard” starts up around 5:30.

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