Walls of Jericho release “Fight the Good Fight” video

Posted by on March 3, 2016

303_Walls_of_Jericho_video_premiereIf it seems like only yesterday that we brought you a new song from Walls of Jericho, you’re wrong, because that was actually two days ago. However, a lot can change in two days. The video we posted of “Fight the Good Fight,” taken from the band’s forthcoming No One Can Save You From Yourself, was merely an audio stream of the song. Today they released an actual music video for the song via Lambgoat. Wondering what the band looks like after a bunch of years? Here’s your opportunity to find out. Turns out they still look pretty good. It’s a straightforward clip that shows them playing, but also just hanging out during photo shoots and generally looking like a band that’s happy to be back.

No One Can Save You from Yourself will be released on March 25th on Napalm Records. You can preorder it here.


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