Wait until you sea this Ocean documentary

Posted by on March 10, 2014


See what we did there? Sea what we did there? At any point, The Ocean are in the process of touring. When they did so last year, they had a camera crew in tow with them, and if you’re a fan of their progressive awesomeness, you’ll definitely want to watch this. Not only does it show them in their element (live), but you get a glimpse of the glamourous (and non-glamorous) life on tour. The 30 minute documentary shows them touring in the United States, Canada, Mesico, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China and Russia over the course of five months. It’s broken into two parts, with part 1 having come out on Friday and part 2 released today. Don’t forget to catch them on tour this week at SXSW as part of the Metal Injection showcase and beyond with Scale the Summit, The Atlas Moth and Silver Snakes.


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