Vital Remains, club owner get into crucifix argument in Orlando

Posted by on April 8, 2015


Orlando club The Haven is described as an “alternative live-music club with an edgy vibe, a full bar, funky decor, even nights & billiards.” Apparently, the “funky decor” of the venue includes a crucifix hanging above the stage, which Brian Werner, singer of Vital Remains, noticed this past Saturday. He grabbed the crucifix and held it upside down, which a death metal band is wont to do in these trying times. The club owner, a middle-aged woman, didn’t agree with the way he handled the cross, so she took it from him and crucifixed it, turning it right side up. Werner then led the crowd in a spirited chant of “f Jesus,” and everything got awkward. No word on whether the rest of the show was canceled, but the Haven woman seemed to at least let them practice their right to free speech, even if she did interrupt their performance onstage. According to the YouTube poster, she stood with the stage through most of the set holding the cross up. That definitely must’ve made for an interesting show.

[via theprp]

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