Video: Testament Show Their “Native Blood”

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Remember how we introduced the new Testament track Native Blood to you about two weeks ago?

The music video they were shooting for the the song has been released today, with only one more day left until the release of their new album Dark Roots Of Earth via Nuclear Blast. We previously assumed that the video might be shot in an Indian reservation. The result now shows a similar setting, and the focus clearly is on the Native American roots the band’s vocalist has, however the Billy Ranch in Hopland, California served as the stage for their live performance portion of the clip.

Billy’s comment on Native Blood was:

It’s almost like a protest song, that the Native Americans have a voice that needs to be heard — that’s the chorus of the song.

The clip shows a Native American man throughout several stages of his life, and all the turmoil he has to go through because of his heritage. The message is clear, it is protest and it’s pride. The new album Dark Roots Of Earth was produced by British producer Andy Sneap, who himself previously produced the likes of Arch Enemy, Nevermore, Accept, and Exodus. The track list of the CD that is due for release tomorrow has been released as well, and there is one more video clip to take note of, all of which you will find after the jump.

The standard edition will have the following nine tracks:

01. Rise Up
02. Native Blood
03. Dark Roots Of Earth
04. True American Hate
05. A Day In The Death
06. Cold Embrace
07. Man Kills Mankind
08. Throne Of Thorns
09. Last Stand For Independence

If you decide to buy the CD/DVD combo version you will get the following additional tracks on CD:

10. Dragon Attack (QUEEN cover)
11. Animal Magnetism (SCORPIONS cover)
12. Powerslave (IRON MAIDEN cover)
13. Throne Of Thornes (extended version)

If you want to go vinyl, the same thirteen tracks (including the bonus tracks) will be spread onto four sides.

And just in case you can’t get enough of the cool new music video they released, or just Testament in general, there’s also a behind-the-scenes clip of the video shoot of Native Blood. It’s not even 24 hours until you can grab the new record off the shelves, but for the time being, do go check out the making-of video as well!


[via Blabbermouth]

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