photo credit: Ian Urquhart Photography


Boston rockers Major Moment have teamed up with Metal Insider to premiere the video for the song “The Flood.” The track tackles poignant subjects on inequality and climate change while executing their cinematic rock intensity. The political anthem has arrived at the perfect time as Sasha Razumova performs lead vocals asking essential questions throughout the song. 


Vocalist Andrey Borzykin explains:

“Being independent artists for us means being fully involved and invested in all aspects of creating a unified vision behind what we stand for as a band. It sure is overwhelming at times and comes with some challenges, but it also allows us to expand our creativity to formats beyond just audio, whether it’s album art, designing merch or directing music videos. That’s exactly what happened with “The Flood” and the music video for it. We started planning it back in January of 2020 (the final version of the song was still months away, we were working with a pre-production version), when we first pitched our idea to Tyler Ayers of Reverly Studios, the director of our music video. We thought it was next to impossible to make our vision a reality, with all the technical aspects of it, but Tyler simply called our idea “genius” and said we had to do it.

It then took us over 6 months of planning and 4 more months of editing and post-production to get it to where we are today.

From flooding the room with 6000 gallons of water dyed pitch black, to real black caviar, to 16 crew members that all helped to make our original artistic vision come true, it’s been a wild ride, and Major Moment’s most ambitious project to date. We seriously couldn’t wait any longer to share it with everyone, and are proud to present you “The Flood”, as we always wanted you to experience it…”