Video Premiere: Lords of the Trident “Tormentor”

Posted by on October 11, 2018

Wisconsin power metallers Lords of the Trident released their latest effort Shadows From The Past this past August via their indie label Junko Johnson. Between their energetic performances to vibrant tunes, the group aren’t afraid to take risks. They are known to create everything themselves, which includes their own Patreon account. Today (11th), we are excited to premiere their self-made music video for the song “Tormentor.”

The doomsday-themed track is about an asteroid-mining spaceship that destroys everything in its path as the band explained:

“Tormentor is a song about an out-of-control asteroid-mining spaceship that destroys everything in its path, including the earth! Of course, we wanted to get the best special effects team available for the video, so we called up our buddy George Lucas, but unfortunately he was busy with a Jar-Jar spin-off movie. Spielberg passed as well, as he was worried the video would be so epic, sales of his other movies would plummet. So, in the spirit of DIY, we taught ourselves CGI film-making and crafted the video! It took us a number of months, and we burned through at least six graphics cards in the process, but the result is here and it looks AWESOME!”

Check out the clip below:


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