Fort Lauderdale’s LiveKill have teamed up with Metal Insider to premiere a video for their latest single, “Crushing Blows.” The group strives to be one dynamic force in South Florida’s metal scene, showcasing resilient energy and a top-notch approach to pre-production and arrangements. The band has a lot to look forward to this year as they’re gearing up to make waves with an upcoming full-length album release.
Featuring vocals by James Hawkins and led by guitarist Napalm, the band also comprises Erik Lissabet on bass, Kevin Gallagher on drums, and John Snell on guitar and production. The recording credits include Kevin Talley on drums and Sean Zatorsky on vocals, with Alastair Simms doing the mix and mastering. The single “Crushing Blows” is set to be released on April 26, 2024.

The Group Comments:

“The footage for the video, “Crushing Blows,” was shot and edited by Thomas Crane from Kill Devil Films live at a recent hometown headline date in South Florida. The crowd was electric and the band was on fire that night. The video came out really well and I feel it properly shows the energy that was in the room that night.” – John Snell, Guitar and Founder

Watch the clip below:

Feature Image Photo Credit: Alex Morgan