Video Premiere: Foxera – “Picture Perfect”

Posted by on July 15, 2021


Phoenix melodic rockers Foxera have teamed up with Metal Insider to unveil a video for their latest single, “Picture Perfect.” The track introduces the group’s new singer Michael Swank (formerly Myka Relocate), who initially auditioned for the band in December 2019. Soon after, the group recorded music together, adding his vocals to their aggressive sound, resulting in their latest single, “Picture Perfect,” along with more new music in the works. 

Overall, the COVID-19 pandemic forced the group to work primarily over Zoom throughout 2020, where they completed fresh music. Foxera are now ready to unveil their next chapter, officially welcoming Swank behind the mic.


The band comments on the new song:

 “’Picture Perfect’ is a reflection on the disconnect between reality and social media as well as longing for simpler times. Modernity brings complex dynamics to our lives which can feel isolating and make the fear of missing out more prevalent than ever – it’s important to step back and enjoy living in the moment.” 


Watch the clip below:




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