Video Premiere: Borderline Toxic – “Sir Satan”

Posted by on May 11, 2023


Borderline Toxic, a relatively new project formed during the pandemic, has teamed up with Metal Insider to premiere a video for their new song, “Sir Satan.” Musically, the group combines melodies fused with old-school riffs with a modern twist, which can be heard in vocalist Kerry Glass. The track explores Kerry’s paternal issues that have led to her own demons, causing self-doubt and unhealthy relationships. The track highlights the group’s desire to explore genuine emotion through personal lyricism combined with heavy beats. Borderline Toxic is comprised of Glass, former Amy Winehouse and Chaka Khan drummer Pete Ray Biggin, Henrik Fossum on guitar, and Jack Rowe on bass.


The band comments on the track:

“We wrote ‘Sir Satan’ out in Norway last year. The song is about how our character, flaws, strengths and relationships with others are heavily influenced by prominent figures in our life from an early age. You can try to dissimulate from the blood that connects you but your experiences still shape you… and quite often develops the little demon in your head that likes to cause havoc now and again. That’s basically a long way of saying it’s about my daddy issues! We shot the video out in Bali with Indonesian talent. The concept was essentially to show two sides to yourself: your clean image and your inner demon.”


Watch the video below:



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