Video: Orange Goblin Go On “Acid Trial”

Posted by on June 26, 2012

Orange Goblin’s A Eulogy for the Damned is one of our favorite albums of the year. This video for “Acid Trials,” which Scion A/V premiered along with Metal Injection, is a prime reason why. It’s a trippy take on the ‘band playing in a warehouse’ convention, and the song’s pretty awesome as well. Here’s frontman Ben Ward’s take on the Tom J. Cronin-directed video:

All of us in Orange Goblin are very excited about the release of the Acid Trial video, the second from our current album ‘A Eulogy For The Damned’. We had a lot of fun recording it at a very remote airbase deep in the heart of the English countryside on a very cold and wet day at the start of May 2012. The location is actually an old jet-engine testing centre on an abandoned military airfield that featured a load of awesome ‘cold-war/ James Bond’ style control panels and an amazing wind-tunnel that can be seen in the final edit. This gave the director plenty of inspiration for cool shots which I think he has managed to capture really well throughout. We had a couple of dancing girls turn up to strut their stuff in the video and despite them being freezing cold and standing around most of the time, they never complained and got the job done, kudos to them! The main idea for the video was to try to reflect the lyrical content and theme of the song with lots of weird, dark psychedelia and yet keep it interesting whilst still featuring plenty of footage of the band playing as well. The director, Tom, has done a fantastic job with his lighting and use of the facilities at his disposal and we can’t wait for people to finally see the finished product!

source [Metal Injection]

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