VIdeo: It’s Never Too Early To Cover Fear Factory’s “Recharger”

Posted by on May 31, 2012


Fear Factory’s latest album, The Industrialist, isn’t out until Tuesday (5), but that hasn’t stopped people from covering music from it already. Dead Talking Mind, a band from Lyon, France, have posted their take of the album’s first single, “Recharger,” on YouTube, and they don’t do a half bad job. For one, they don’t use a drum machine. For two, topical! And although it takes three singers to replicate the vocals of Burton C. Bell, they pull it off. If this was just done to get them attention, it apparently worked, because not only are we writing about it, but even Dino Cazares noticed. Want to find out more about the band (Dead Talking Mind, not Fear Factory)? Check out their website.

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