Video for Mastodon’s Asleep In The Deep in the works

Posted by on May 13, 2015

Mastodon are promising something psychedelic with their upcoming video for “Asleep In The Deep.” A track off the group’s most recently album “One More ‘Round The Sun,” this single will get the visual treatment of renowned artists and special effects pros alike.

Shane Morton, the special effects brain of the operation, will be working with the album’s cover artist Skinner to create a music video that’s being billed as “a short film that will feature bizarre imagery and psychedelically hued, possibly disturbing and disorienting concepts, starring cats.” Morton was responsible for the special effects make-up in the recent Adult Swim TV short Too Many Cooks – so combining that creepiness with the artistic brand of the album that Skinner brings to the table is sure to make an intense art piece.

If you need more Mastodon news to be stoked on, the band is set to reissue all of their Reprise releases on vinyl throughout the rest of 2015.

And because it was mentioned above, let’s all take a minute to watch Too Many Cooks, because it’s still the best thing on the internet.

(via Blabbermouth)

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