Upon A Burning Body release second single, “Scars”

Posted by on July 3, 2014


Upon A Burning Body appear to be capitalizing on their time in the spotlight from the uncondoned publicity stunt pulled by singer Danny Leal yesterday. Not only did they release a single, “Red Razor Wrists,” late last night, but have also released a second song via Revolver, “Scars.” We’re assuming that they rush-released “Red Razor Wrists” last night after the backlash, deciding they needed to get something out there to calm some nerves, while the song premiere today was scheduled a while ago. Either way, now you’ve got a lyric video for “Scars,” as well as a look at the album art, which shows Leal sitting with his arms bound, almost like he was kidnapped or something. The song shows the band evolving into a more commercial direction, and could almost be mistaken for a heavier Five Finger Death Punch song.

The  band’s new album The World Is My Enemy Now will be released on August 12th on Sumerian. The band, assuming Danny turns up (the band still hasn’t addressed the stunt) will be on the Rockstar Energy Mayhem Fest starting this Saturday.


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