Why should major label bands be the only ones who get love? Unsigned & Streamed is a column where we stream a song from an unsigned band we at Metal Insider really dig.

Hey now! It’s our first Unsigned & Streamed of 2014! This week, we’re introducing you to a band from Johannesburg, South Africa known as The Drift. What started as a studio project for vocalist Louis du Pisani has turned into something more. Members from other bands in the South African metal scene came together to form The Drift and recorded the album Dreams of Deluge. The album was deemed a strong enough debut that they were chosen to open for a little band called Lamb of God for two dates (today in Cape Town and tomorrow in Johannesburg) before even having played a show. Now I don’t know about you, but if you’re picked to open for one of the biggest metal bands in the world solely based on your studio prowess, that’s deserving of some attention. Hear them for yourself with their video for the track “Exile” below. It’s the catchy, solid sounding riffs that hold the band down, but it’s also good to see that they apparently don’t take themselves too seriously like so many bands do nowadays.

You can head over to The Drift’s Facebook page if you dig this little ditty.