Photo by Martin Häusler


U.D.O have shared a music video for the title track of their forthcoming record, Touchdown, out August 25th via Atomic Fire Records. 


Udo Dirkschneider’s son, drummer Sven comments:

“The song but also album title began to take root when we were sitting in a sports bar in São Paulo, Brazil where a football game was shown. The word that came out of the speakers the most and therefore was remembered the best afterwards was simply ‘Touchdown.’ That’s why my dad [Udo] suggested that it should become the name of our new album – and a touchdown is also what we have created musically with our new songs in my opinion. We’re very happy with the results! The title track deals, of course, with nothing but the type of sport itself, and it also represents us as a band very well: We’re a team that enters the stage together evening after evening to win the crowd. That’s what we do; highly motivated, in a way aggressively but powerful too — qualities that can be found in football and a bridge to our music.”


Watch the clip below and pre-order the album here: