Faroese folk metal band Tyr have released a video for their new single “Sunset Shore,” which marks the band’s first video in nearly five years.

Vocalist Heri Joensen commented:

“In early January, immediately after spending our holidays in the Faroes, Gunnar and I traveled to Hungary to our bandmates, Tadeusz and Attila, in Budapest. Finally, it was time to shoot another video, our first since 2014, and we’re very happy to present this one to you!”

The video features footage of the band playing outside in a snow-covered lake as well as inside a dark cave. Says Joensen:

“The Hungarian film production crew Mihaszna Film arranged the trips, starting from Budapest and going first to the Julian alps in Slovenia. In the fields and rivers of the snowy mountains, we had some amazing scenery for ‘overworld’ part of the video. A few days later, we traveled on to the caves of Szent-István in northern Hungary, and deep underground we found some dark and gloomy caves to be the perfect backdrop for the underworld part of this video.”

It also features a new guitar solo from Attila Voros, who took over guitar duties from Terji Skibenaes when he left the band last year. Skibenaes, who wrote the song, can still be heard on the album version.

Of the song’s lyrics, Joensen said:

“The lyrics, written by me, are about how the mind can sometimes be a windswept and weatherworn landscape, and how the only thing to do, in spite of hopelessness and despair, is to aim for a better place and to work towards better times.”

“Sunset Shore” is the first single from Tyr’s upcoming eighth album, Hel, set for release March 8 via Metal Blade. The band released their previous album, Valkyrja, in 2013. This will be the band’s first album to feature Tadeusz Rieckmann on drums.

Tyr will be hitting the road to promote the new album in April with a short European tour. The band has a couple of European festival dates lined up as well, including Durbuy Rock Festival in Belgium, Karmoygeddon in Norway and Vagos Metal Fest in Portugal.

Watch the clip below and pre-order the album here