Trivium premiere “What the Dead Men Say” video

Posted by on March 26, 2020

Trivium’s new album, What The Dead Men Say, is scheduled to arrive on April 24th via Roadrunner Records. Despite the pandemic that’s happening globally, the group’s new album will be released as planned. However, just like all of us, the COVID-19 outbreak has been a challenging time that many didn’t foresee how bad it would be. One obstacle Trivium had to face was making the video for the title track, which is available now. The clip was produced in the UK by director Ryan Mackfall during the time countries have been shut down. Trivium wanted to make this video before the coronavirus had spread. Therefore, the finished product somehow came together within the last two weeks, where the entire crew was working in masks, gloves, and maintaining as much distance as possible.

Musically, bassist Paolo Gregoletto comments on the song:

“About the song itself. We always take seriously which song becomes the title track because it represents the album’s musical themes and ambition. ‘What The Dead Men Say’ started off as two separate demos but emerged from the writing session as one epic tune. This is a riff beast!”


Watch the video below and pre-order the album here:



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