Credits: Kevin Nixon


Tobias Sammet’s Avantasia have shared an animated lyric video created by Costin Chioreanu for the brand new song “The WIcked Rule The Night.” featuring guest vocalist Ralf Scheepers. The track is taken from Avantasia’s upcoming ninth full-length effort, A Paranormal Evening with the Moonflower Society, which is scheduled to arrive sometime this fall via Nuclear Blast.  


Sammet comments:

“I’m so happy with the upcoming album that you could put out any song as the first single. But somehow, after the last two years, I felt the need to go full steam ahead as soon as I’m let off the leash. And honestly, it’s also cool to know that many would probably have expected a less extreme track to accompany Avantasia’s re-entry into the earth’s atmosphere. But Avantasia is not stylistically fixed, anything goes, commercial, epic, grotesque, or full-on the bell, doesn’t matter: All that is part of Avantasia’s very own world. We have found our own pigeonhole and different laws apply there. The fans of the first hour know that. And so I have the feeling that “The Wicked Rule The Night” is unpredictable, exciting, fresh, and new, despite my trademarks, as you know them partly from Avantasia or also Edguy. Playing it safe is a lot of hogwash.” 


Watch the clip below: