In this post-Mumford and Sons world, it’s safe to say that there are some stringed instruments that was don’t particularly need to hear for the time being. Let’s call one of them, oh I don’t know, ukulele. However, YouTube user Rob Scallon has covered Slayer’s classic “War Ensemble” on the four-stringed instrument, and it’s pretty fantastic.Thankfully, there are bass and drums on the song, so the cover already has a pulse. Throw in multiple solos that are more impressive than Kerry King’s given the limitations of Scallon’s instrument, and the creator banging his head manically as he shreds the uke, and we’ve gained a newfound appreciation for the instrument. Scallon says he took the original recordings and replaced the guitars with ukulele’s. It’s hard to tell whether that’s actually Araya and Lombardo, but Scallon is definitely an impressive ukulele-ist.