This One’s For The Ladies: Bronx Strip It Down For “Youth Wasted” Video

Posted by on February 25, 2013

Usually, you can tell a lot about a video from where it premieres. The Bronx have opted to premiere “Youth Wasted,” from their new album The Bronx IV, via playgirl.com. It’s actually a pretty hysterical video that’s half The Bronx performing and half Magic Mike. Three male strippers gyrate, spray champagne suggestively and chop meat (the video’s title card calls it “Meat Wagon”). If you’re a girl or a dude that likes dudes, you’ll really enjoy this video. Even if you’re not, it’s not really that NSFW, and nothing you haven’t seen done a million times in other videos where girls are objectified instead of guys. We definitely don’t agree with the opening paragraph though, which calls the Bronx, who’s first album was released over a decade ago, as “a cute little boy band with an edge.”

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