This new Twelve Foot Ninja video is Sick

Posted by on November 7, 2016



It’s only a matter of time before the guys in Twelve Foot Ninja go all out and make their own movie. Each of their videos is theatrical, from their ridiculous “One Hand Killing” video to the parkour action flick heroics of “Mother Sky.” They seem to have outdone themselves, however, with “Sick,” a nine-minute clip in three acts. As the band watches a VHS copy of a film called Sick, gritty-looking film stocks and Stranger Things-style graphics splash across the screen. The song doesn’t even kick until the third act, the appropriately-titled “sick.”

In the film the band is watching, a band on their way to a  team building exercise, but are waylaid when their car breaks down and a menacing-looking figure harasses them, then offers them a biscuit. We’re not going to give away how the clip ends, but there’s a warning in the beginning that there’s graphic violence, and it’s there with good reason.


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