This guitarist karate-chopping flaming cinder blocks is amazing, ridiculous

Posted by on April 7, 2014


We’re not sure why we didn’t catch this the first time around, but Matt “Rockstar” Sikorski has set the internet on fire these last few days. Why? Maybe it’s the flaming cinder blocks he’s chopping (and headbutting) while playing guitar as an audition for America’s Got TalentHis audition happened all the way back in 2011, and despite his claims of being a rockstar, he didn’t go on to win the million dollars, or be a rock star. He did, however, languish on the internet for a few years until this resurfaced on Friday. It has way more downvotes on YouTube than upvotes, perhaps because he’s not really playing guitar so much as letting a flange effect happen, and he doesn’t totally break the last bunch of bricks. That doesn’t stop him from being a true american hero.


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