The new drummer for Liturgy is really old, also Peter Fonda

Posted by on October 28, 2014

We don’t watch The Blacklist, an NBC drama starring James Spader. However, it’s not every day black metal appears on prime time network TV. It’s even less often that the black metal in question is by Brooklyn’s Liturgy. And it’s even rarer still when guest star and Golden Globe award winner Peter Fonda is playing drums with the band. In a brief appearance, Fonda sat in on drums on the band’s “Harmonium” from their album Aesthetica. At 22 seconds, the scene is brief enough to make us wonder what the hell happens in the rest of the episode, and what kind of writing session could have occurred to make that happen. Since we’re at work, who frown upon watching TV at work, we’ll turn to Entertainment Weekly to try to at least figure out what’s happening from the synposis…


…OK, we just read the synposis, and have no idea whatsoever. It just says that someone’s dad is a drummer and billionaire that had a fling. There’s no reason listed in the synopsis as to why a 74 year-old man would play with a black metal band from Brooklyn, especially since when we saw them a few years ago, Hunter Hunt-Hendrix was playing with a drum machine. The band (who don’t really count Fonda as a member) are working on their next album, which should be out early next year. Also, spoiler alert: Fonda gets shot.

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