The Amity Affliction get fired up in “The Weigh Down”

Posted by on September 19, 2014

The Amity Affliction have released their latest music video for “The Weigh Down,” from their fourth album Let The Ocean Take Me. We spoke with bassist Ahren Stringer a few months ago, about their latest effort:

“It’s just more professional and we know what we’re doing now, we’ve done this for so long that we know exactly what we want to do and we want to basically structure our songs properly.  It sucks to compare the two, but when you hear a pop song and you hear – intro, verse, and chorus – it’s an unbeatable formula. We pretty much apply that to our songwriting in so many ways. It’s just how I would want to hear a song, and how we would like to hear a song.”

The album, their second with Roadrunner by the Australian metalcore band, debuted at #28 on the charts in its first week, with 10,050 albums sold.



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