If you’re a regular Game of Thrones watcher, you’ve likely fallen under the spell of Hodor. A loyal servant who generally only utters his own name, he’s somehow lovable despite his simplicity. The Absence drummer Jeramie Kling must have thought so as well. He’s created “The Ballad of Hodor,” a one-minute ode to the loyal Stark servant. Fun fact – if you can read the title of the song, you already know all the lyrics to the song. Here’s what Kling told Metal Injection about the creation of the song:

“So I was out shark fishing off the western coast of Florida. When all of a sudden my boat was capsized by a huge decrepit black pirate ship. Captain Pat Henry (swashbuckle) told me I needed to write the ballad of Hodor or he would run me through right then and there. Naturally I obliged.”

So apparently, it’s an Absence/Swashbuckle collaboration? Either way, it’s a cool, fun, quick song that’s over before it gets annoying, and that’s pretty much all you can ask for from a novelty song. In closing, Hodor.