Bay Area thrash legends Testament will release remastered versions of their seminal albums The Legacy and The New Order on July 12th via Nuclear Blast Records. To celebrate, the band has also released video visualizers for “Over the Wall” and “Into the Pit.”

Chuck Billy comments:

“When The Legacy and The New Order were first recorded we were new and had limited resources to record the albums being a young band. Now, with the remastering, fans will hear the albums in their signature sonic onslaught they were intended to be heard.”

Eric Peterson adds:

“Wow, I can’t believe it’s been 37+ years since The Legacy and The New Order have been released. We were very young when we went to record these songs. It is long overdue for them to have a fresh remastered sound which we believe now are sonically killer. Also included in the final LP is special memorabilia from these two records including very rare, personal photos from that era including behind-the-scenes and record deal memos. We are very happy with the outcome. We hope you enjoy these too!”

The Legacy Track List (pre-order here)

01) Over The Wall (Remastered 2024)
02) The Haunting (Remastered 2024)
03) Burnt Offerings (Remastered 2024)
04) Raging Waters (Remastered 2024)
05) C.O.T.L.O.D. (Remastered 2024)
06) First Strike Is Deadly (Remastered 2024)
07) Do or Die (Remastered 2024)
08) Alone In The Dark (Remastered 2024)
09) Apocalyptic City (Remastered 2024)

The New Order Track List (pre-order here)

01) Eerie Inhabitants  (Remastered 2024)
02) The New Order (Remastered 2024)
03) Trial By Fire (Remastered 2024)
04) Into The Pit (Remastered 2024)
05) Hypnosis (Remastered 2024)
06) Disciples Of The Watch (Remastered 2024)
07) The Preacher (Remastered 2024)
08) Nobody’s Fault (Remastered 2024)
09) A Day Of Reckoning (Remastered 2024)
10) Musical Death (A Dirge) (Remastered 2024)