Suicide Silence post samples of who’e ‘You Can’t Stop me’ album

Posted by on June 5, 2014


Got six minutes to kill? Are you a Suicide Silence fan? Now you can listen to snippets from their entire forthcoming album, You Can’t Stop Me. The highly-anticipated album will be released on July15th on Nuclear Blast. It’s a new beginning for the band, who not only are releasing their first album on Nuclear Blast, but also, debuting new vocalist Eddie Hermida, who replaces Mitch Lucker, who died in a motorcycle accident. Hermida had been in All Shall Perish for three album, with the most recent the presciently-titled This is Where it Ends. You’ve already gotten a chance to hear “Cease to Exist,” and now you can get an idea of what the rest of the album sounds like, as well as pre-order it if you feel so inclined.

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