Suicide Silence break stuff in Moscow

Posted by on March 17, 2017


Suicide Silence might have alienated some of their earlier fans by embracing their nu-metal side of things for their latest, self-titled album. Their second album with Eddie Hermida jettisoned the deathcore sound that they made their name on, enlisting Ross Robinson to produce the album and featuring a lot more clean singing than guttural growling. We actually don’t think that it’s the abomination that die-hards do, and while they had their lowest debut sales week to date with it, they’re still a solid live draw.

This past Wednesday in Moscow, the band did another nu-metal- like thing. Like Limp Bizkit, they broke stuff. In Moscow, finishing up a two-date Russian run, they ended with “You Only Live Once,” then trashed their instruments. It seems like they were having a solid show, and it’s not like there’s any sort of thing that triggers them to break everything. Maybe it was just a cathartic end to a solid show. Or perhaps frustration over how the album’s been received. The band’s next show is on Sunday, which will give them plenty of time to get their gear replaced. Maybe it’s a new thing for the band. Head to 1:06:30 to watch the carnage begin.

In other band news, apparently in an interview with Live Metal, Hermida says that the band’s management and booking agent weren’t on board with the band’s new sound, so they got rid of both:

“The biggest thing we’ve done was right before we started writing this record, our agent stopped wanting to work with us and we had to get a new agent. We got rid of our manager, and we got new management. We pretty much started weeding the people out who were not with this music – the people that believed we needed to stick to a certain criteria as musicians, people who were stuck worrying about money and not worried about anything else. That’s the shit that steered us away from them.”

It’s a bold move that seems to have not paid off commercially, but if the band’s fully on board with what they knew might happen, they’re to be commended for sticking to what they really wanted to do. Even if they need to occasionally take out their  frustration on some innocent instruments.

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