Soen share “Illusion” video

Posted by on January 22, 2021


On January 29th, Soen’s new album, Imperial, will arrive via Silver Lining Music. Today (22nd) the Swedishh metal outfit have shared a video for their latest single, “Illusion.” According to the press release, the video follows the “tale of a father and daughter in their quest for survival in a dystopian universe.” 


Drummer Martin Lopez comments:

“Illusion is a song about the shared responsibility amongst us if we wish to improve the world, change has to be made by us, you and me…the people. It’s about the frustration of feeling powerless but also the hope in realizing that things can be changed for the better” further Lopez, “if we stop criticizing each other and making enemies of ourselves by blindly following the ideas of politicians and their media.”


Vocalist Joel Ekelöf adds: 

“We can’t just sit around and wait for those in power to help, they are preoccupied with battling each other in matters of greed and power.”


Video producer Daniele Zed Berretta explains:

“The ‘Illusion’ video is about dreamers. There are people who are ready to lose everything to follow their dreams, no matter the cost. Others are afraid of making dreams come true, so they stop right before fulfilling them, just to keep dreaming.”

Watch the clip below and pre-order the album on this site at this location



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