Serj Tankian Goes To Great Heights For His Art

Posted by on May 30, 2013

Serj Tankian has always been a busy man who does charity work, while also nourishing other musical projects. Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean we’ll be hearing a new System of a Down record anytime soon. Instead, the SOAD frontman has been working on two new non-SOAD albums while exploring other artistic mediums, this time, infusing music with paintings. Tankian left a video on his Facebook page about his project called “Disarming Time Musical Paintings” where he creates music, then translates that music into an abstract painting, basically making artwork with a musical component. Yes, there are literally speakers and MP3 players embedded in the artwork.

Tankian has made 17 pieces of art so far, but not all of them are playable and come with speakers in them. Another interesting piece is called “A Car Ran Over Me,” which Tankian blended the colors for by literally running over the painting seven times with his car. Another piece, “Starry Night,” was made by throwing water balloons filled with different colors at the canvas, which you can see above. Check out the video after the jump.




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