Revocation’s video for Deathless shows the other side of touring

Posted by on November 12, 2014


If you’ve ever been in a touring band, you’ll love the video for Reocation’s “Deathless.” The David Brodsky-directed clip shows the band playing, but that’s only part of the video. Much more of it shows the band doing typical band-like stuff: Setting up merch, tuning, sound checking and loading in. There’s also a BBQ that gets a head-nod from Crowbar’s Kirk Windstein. It’s a nice change of pace from the typical video that just shows a band playing. There’s plenty of that as well, but seeing the behind-the scenes work both takes the glamour out of being in a touring band and makes it look like one of the funnest things you could be doing with your life. Metal Injection began airing it today, but you can look up and find it as well.


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