Rappers watch Attila’s ‘About That Life,’

Posted by on November 21, 2013


Last week, YouTube channel The Daily Disruption posted the first of their “Metal Un-Rapped” series, which features a quartet of urban troubadours critiquing metal videos. It’s kind of like Siskel and Ebert without the thumbs up/thumbs down thing, plus all four of the guys in 1200 Squad and Tanya Morgan are still alive. Last week, they gathered around the computer screen to watch Ghost B.C.’s “Year Zero” video. With lines like “you can’t exchange titties for dick,” that was an instant classic, not to mention a pretty great video. This week, they chose to watch Attila’s “About That Life.” It’s not as instantly epic as last week’s installment. First of all, the concept kind of lends itself to the law of diminishing returns, in that it can’t be as fresh as it was the first time. Also, Daily Disruption is pretty much all Attila, all the time,” so it’s kind of not surprising to see them watching an “About That Life.” They definitely get some good lines in though, like “he got that chain at Hot Topic.” Also, booties.

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