Rammstein tease their first tour with Korn in Amerika

Posted by on September 16, 2015

We keep getting more and more teasers for Rammstein’s upcoming DVD In Amerika, including footage from their sold-out, legendary show at the Madison Square Garden in 2010 like “Ich tu dir weh” and “Rammlied” but what about the behind the scenes of their first US tour with Korn? well, we have a teaser for that as well.

Check out the video above and take a quick look at Rammstein’s journey across America back in the 90’s and how they dealt with a country they just had seen in movies with little to no English to defend themselves. The footage above seems quite well done and it really adds to the hype of this release.

You can preorder In Amerika on DVD here and Blu-ray here and get it next week.

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