Rammstein Eat Their Heart Out With Uncensored Video

Posted by on December 14, 2012

Last week, Rammstein showed a different side of themselves with the stark piano-only version of “Mein Herzz brennt.” Consisting of little more than frontman Till Lindemann singing in a room with weird makeup on, they promised that that an uncensored version of the song, originally on 2001’2 Mutter, was on the way. It’s here, and yeah, it’s pretty creepy. I mean, actually, it’s not creepy at all unless things like people in odd masks, blood, women getting choked out, menacing figures lording over children in a dungeon, and some kind of weird abortion, and of course, fire, creep you out. Oh yeah, not to mention Lindemann pulling his heart out of his body and then eating it.  Needless to say, unless you work as a dominatrix, this is kinda NSFW.

Both videos will be found on Rammstein’s forthcoming 3-disc DVD, Videos 1995-2012, which will be released in American on January 15th via Density. Check out the video after the jump.




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