Puscifer unveil “Apocalyptical” video; new album arriving this fall

Posted by on May 8, 2020


Puscifer have been teasing new music and now, the group has finally surprised us with a video for the new song “Apocalyptical.” The track is taken from the band’s upcoming fourth full-length effort, which will be released this Fall via Alchemy Recordings, a partnership with BMG. The eerie-like clip showcases a bleak look at the current COVID-19 global pandemic we are in as Maynard James Keenan comments:

 “Manipulated information disseminated by kings, queens, dictators, so called leaders, supposed professionals or outliers and conspiracy theorists living underground, or in basements, is not new or unique to this generation. Misdirection is Power Struggles’ conjoined twin but the speed at which it now travels in this digital age is dangerous and destructive on many levels. This rapid distribution of poison and its immediate impact will be the hallmark of our generation. Even In light of all this, and all the noise the digital landscape generates, all I keep asking myself is ‘what is it with the whole hoarding toilet paper thing?’”


Vocalist Carina Round adds:

“’Apocalyptical’ was one of the very first musical ideas for the new record that we put our voices on out in Arizona in late 2019. It was simultaneously very fresh and also felt like we had never been apart.”


Guitarist/co-producer Mat Mitchell explains:

“For the initial writing process of ‘Apocalyptical,” we relied heavily on a Fairlight IIx (an early musical computer using 8 bit samples), and a Synclavier II (another early digital workstation that relied on FM synthesis). These were heavyweights in early digital music productions and defined a generation of music. We decided to set modern computers aside by working within the limitations of these early computer technologies. This created a unique space for us to explore and the results can be heard throughout this track.”


Watch the video below:



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