If you’re a fan of Despicable Me, or animals in general, you’ll probably want to see The Secret Life of Pets, an animated film coming from the creators of that franchise. A new trailer for the film, which is coming next year, was released yesterday. And while the movie looks, for lack of a better word, cute, it gets awesome towards the end. Throughout the trailer, when humans aren’t around, pets do human-like things like raid the fridge, use a mixer as a back and belly scratcher, and in a bird’s case, sets up a fan simulate flying. At the end of the trailer, a human pets his poodle on the head and leaves, only to have his pooch turn on the stereo and headbang to System of a Down’s “Bounce.” The film, which won’t be out until next Summer, features the voice work of Louis CK, Kevin Hart, Dana Carvey and more.

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Posted by Despicable Me on Wednesday, June 17, 2015

[h/t Matty Mo]