PitBoy takes in a letlive. show

Posted by on November 25, 2013

Noisey’s series “PitBoy” series begins with a disclaimer: “At Noisey we think that most live music on the internet is pretty boring. So we decided to strap a bunch of cameras to an intern and throw him into some of the most brutal mosh pits we could find – to capture the true atmosphere of live gigs from the best possible vantage point.” While their first installment featured Tyler the Creator (huh?), this time out, they sent him into a letlive. pit. Outfitted with a “PitBoy” jacket and helmet that practically screams “hit me,” the video captures some of the general intensity of the pit. While non-pit parts are a little staged (it ends with him getting thrown out), it does do a pretty good job of showing what life in a pit is like, if not the general intensity of letlive. The band is currently on tour with Every Time I Die. Check out the dates here.

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