Pig Destroyer’s ‘Mass & Volume’ to get physical release

Posted by on September 25, 2014


Last year, Pig Destroyer released an EP that was completely unlike anything they’d done before. Titled Mass & Volume, the EP consisted of two songs that were pretty much the opposite of the band’s typical grindcore. In fact, the songs were doomy instead of grindy, with Mass & Volume the perfect title for a pair songs featuring massive riffs that should be played out a loud volume. Recorded during the Phantom Limb sessions in 2007, the songs had only received a digital release before, as a benefit for former Relapse director of sales Pat Egan. On October 14th, the EP will be released digitally, albeit in a limied run. There will be a one-time pressing of 2,000 CDs and a limited run of colored vinyl. Check out “Red Tar” above if you haven’t heard it already, and you can pre-order the CD here.



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