Photo credit: Ekaterina Gorbacheva


Periphery are gearing up for their new album, V: Djent is Not a Genre, out March 10th via 3Dot Recordings. Today (16th), the group shared a video for their latest single, “Atropos.” A.I. created the video from a Los Angeles-based creative agency, Race Service. 


Spencer Sotelo comments:

“The feel of ‘Atropos’ features a push and pull between pretty/melodic and dark/chaotic sections. That gave me the idea to write about a person who lives, and leans into, a completely superficial lifestyle, and the destructive aftermath of what doing so brings about, not just in that person’s life, but in the world around them. I think the video captures the lyrical essence in its visuals really well, and I’m excited for everyone to enjoy it along with the song.”


Race Service executive, producer, creative director Rod Chong added:

“’Atropos’ delves into a surreal world of darkness with a mix of live action and A.I. processed visuals, motion GFX. The irony of using A.I. to bring a music video about A.I. to life is not lost on us. Our aim was to portray humanity’s media fixation, even amidst a war-torn world, as a new form of deity emerges and gains control over us. A captivating and hypnotic result.”


Watch the clip below and pre-order the album here: