As you’re most likely aware by now, you know the 2016 Summer Olympics are taking place as we speak. Sure, Ryan Lochte getting drunk and (not) robbed is taking away from the actual competition, but there’s actually some swimming, running, and other stuff going on, (and yes, the United States are running away with it so far). And if you’re a Kamelot fan and a synchronized swimming fan, (if those two things aren’t mutually exclusive), you may have realized that you were hearing Kamelot.

That’s right, Japan’s Yukiko Inui and Risako Mitsui took home a bronze medal for their routine set to a medley of Kamelot’s “Karma,” “The Spell” and “Ghost Opera.” While the performance below is actually from last year, they used the same music on Tuesday when they placed. While it’s questionable as to whether the two are Kamelot fans, the metal culture in Japan us definitely a strong one, and congrats to the two for such a strong finish set to power metal. That, combined with the Australian synchronized team using Nightwish, and we’re actually beginning to think that sport is kind of metal. But only kind of.


[via Metal Injection]