Supergroup The Dead Daisies have been busy of late finishing an Israeli tour and working on a new EP. If you’ve never head of Dead Daisies before, the group is made up of members from Guns N’ Roses and The Rolling Stones. And the reason you probably didn’t know about it is because the members are Dizzy Reed, Richard Fortus (Guns N’ Roses) Darryl Jones (The Rolling Stones), Jon Stevens (ex-INXS), David Lowy, and Charley Drayton. In other words, they’re the people you don’t think of first (if at all) when you hear the aforementioned bands.

Not that we mean to rag on the group (well, maybe a little), but they did seem to go a long while without anyone taking much notice. Last year, they released debut album Lock ‘N’ Load (because there has to be an ‘n’ in there somewhere) and held a slot on the Rockstar Uproar festival last summer. If you’re curious so hear how the band sounds, you can check out the Youtube video below for the title track of their debut album. It’s basically just straight-forward radio-friendly rock but, hey, maybe you’ll discover an album from last year that you’ll now want in your top 10 for 2013. You never know.
[via Ultimate Classic Rock]