North Kingsley (System of a Down) release “Die For The Pic” video

Posted by on August 14, 2020


System of a Down’s Shavo Odadjian’s new project North Kingsley has released a video for the song “Die For The Pic.” The track is taken from the collective’s new EP Vol 1, which is out now. 


Vocalist Ray Hawthorne comments:

“Die for the Pic is a statement on modern hypocrisy. The masses are tending to follow popular trends without taking the time to analyze what’s actually going on. People often agree with whatever they are told the correct way to think is, and then post about it online, in an effort to be perceived well by their peers. In my experience, most of these people don’t even take the time to look into why they believe what they’re demanding others believe. It’s a cycle.”


Producer Saro Paparian adds:

“Die for the Pic is a really unique production compared to our other tracks. The goal was to establish a minimalist setting while still experimenting with how elements fit in the mix. It’s really bare bones- and that allows for this wide open space where Shavo’s guitar work pushes and pulls against Ray’s lyrics. My bandmates are sparring on an open stage- it’s beautiful.

I’m very proud of that fact that Shavo and I could find a place to leverage a bit of our people’s history and culture in our tracks. “Die For The Pic” has vocal samples cut from an a capella of a song from Palu, a village in Western Armenia. Means a lot personally since my great-grandfather was born in Palu….We almost lost those songs- it’s almost by sheer luck that it not only survived but that it found a place in North Kingsley’s music.”


Watch the video below and order Vol.1 here:

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